Collier, Sarner and Associates, Inc. & Brandon S. Collier presents the Practice Transition Seminar at the Meritage Resort, Napa, California

Since 1975, Collier, Sarner And Associates, Inc. has been conducting seminars for doctors, their spouses and/or key staff personnel. The seminars’ popularity results in many sold out meetings.

All CSANEWS tax-deductible seminar locations are carefully selected to provide you with top-notch education at desirable world-class travel destinations. A certificate of attendance will be issued upon completion of the seminar for each attendee for purposes of continuing education. A course outline will be provided as a guide throughout each seminar.

The seminar, aimed at doctors, their accountants, business managers, and lawyers in practice transitions, taxes, investments and retirement planning.

The event will feature speaker Brandon S. Collier .Collier is a principal of CSA and CSANEWS. CSA has over four decades of experience in helped Dentists, Physicians, and Veterinarians to become and remain wealthy.

This program is sponsored solely by Collier, Sarner And Associates, Inc., with over 35 years experience in providing doctors with timely business information, assistance with planning for retirement and assistance with buying and selling practices.

This important seminar is designed for the doctor who is contemplating a practice transition.  That could be for (1) the busy doctor looking to take a partner or (2) the senior doctor thinking about retirement and selling his or her practice or (3) the younger doctor contemplating buying a practice or becoming a partner.  Most of the issues (for example, how to value a practice) will be equally relevant whether you are the potential buyer or the potential seller.  We will point out the pros and cons of the various issues from each side’s point of view.  This is a no-nonsense, intensive 8 hour course which will include such topics as:

• How to recognize the common blunder doctors make of giving away the first half of a practice when they think they are selling it to a new partner.  From the junior partner’s point of view, how to recognize when you are getting a tremendous bargain.

• Are you ready to retire?

• How to value a practice.

• How to buy or sell a practice.

• How to save taxes on the sale or purchase of a practice or when taking or becoming a partner.

• What happens to a corporation at retirement?

• What happens to a doctor-owned office building at retirement?

• How to avoid major blunders in group practice buy-sell agreements.

• Fair compensation techniques among partners.

• Taking benefits out of a retirement plan.

• Avoiding the 10% penalty tax on “pre-mature” (before age 59-1/2) distributions.

Where:           The Meritage Resort

875 Bordeaux Way

Napa, CA  94558

Telephone: 866-370-6272

When: May 17, 2012

Cost:                    $655 doctor only or $765 doctor and spouse


About Collier, Sarner and Associates

Collier, Sarner and Associates, Inc. is designated as an Approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing education programs of this program provider are accepted by AGD for Fellowship, Mastership and membership maintenance credit

CSA and CSANEWS are Dental Financial Advisors in Tax, Investment, and Practice Management. CSA provides expert business advice to doctors, their accountants and lawyers in practice transitions, taxes, investments and retirement planning.

As independent financial practice management advisors we support dentists in all 50 states with honest and objective wealth building and portfolio preservation strategies.

Brandon Collier is an attorney who focuses on representing doctors. Brandon has a Bachelors Degree from the University of Pennsylvania (cum laude), a law degree from Case Western Reserve University, and a Masters in Tax Law from the New York University School of Law. Upon law school graduation he was an attorney with the international law firm Holland and Knight in New York for four years. He has been with Collier, Sarner And Associates, Inc for nine years, consulting to doctors, assisting in writing the Newsletter and speaking at Collier-Sarner seminars across the country.

Collier, Sarner and Associates, Inc is based in Cleveland, OH